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From discoloured nails and dry cuticles to small bubbles in your nail polish bottles, a great manicure can quickly turn to a nail disaster without proper care. However there are some easy tricks that can help common nail problems and leave your nails looking like you’ve just left the salon.

We take a look at the top 10 nail disasters and how to avoid them:

Nails that break too easily

Avoid quick dry nail polish as this dries out your nails and causes them to break easily. If you need an extra boost, use nail strengthener to help keep them in top condition.

Nail colour always chips off

Instead of waiting for nails to chip before you fix things, look out for long-lasting top coats and re-apply every few days as a preventative measure.

Discoloured nails

Always use a base coat to create a barrier between your nails and the polish – this will also make it easier when it comes to removing the colour.

Dry cuticles

Apply cuticle oil to your nails regularly to keep them healthy. If you run out and need a quick alternative, baby oil also works to rehydrate.

Small bubbles appearing in nail polish bottles

These bubbles can ruin a manicure by creating bumps and mess – always roll the bottle instead of shaking it before you apply the colour. During warmer weather store your nail polishes in the fridge to stop the bubbles forming.

Ends of nails never look smooth

Jagged edges look messy and can scratch, so make sure when filing your nails that you stroke in one direction for a smooth result rather than going back and forth.

Painting with a non-dominant hand leaves a messy finish

Although it can be tempting to rush to get it out of the way, using more coats with less polish when painting with your non-dominant hand is the way to keep things looking neat.

Nail polish goes thick and gloopy

Invest in some thinner and add a few drops of this to get nail polish back to a better consistency. As a preventative measure, storing nail polish in a cool place also helps to stop it from thickening.

The strokes from the brush are visible

Start with a blob of paint in the centre of your nail and move outwards, using plenty of thin layers.

The manicure doesn’t last long enough

Just as applying foundation to dirty or oily skin is bad for your complexion, painting your nails when they aren’t clean can cause trouble later on. Make sure you clean your nails before painting them.

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