Style Tips You Must Know

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Whether you’re a working woman or a home maker, your personality counts everywhere. It’s not only your face that speaks for you but also your body language, manners and etiquette, dining etiquette and of course, your dressing style. Even after having every quality if you feel nervous and lack in confidence, personal grooming can help you in coming out of your fears and be comfortable with yourself as well as others. Here we’re providing you with some grooming and beauty tips that you may find useful in improving your personality:

  • The basic thing is to look clean and hygienic. This is something that appeals everyone around you. Keep your body clean, specially your nails, hands, ears, eyes, feet and heels. Don’t forget to go for regular manicure and pedicure. When you’re in a business meeting, make sure that you are not wearing showy nail color.
  • Most women give more attention to their face and ignore their feet. This is the basic step of personal grooming. Make sure that your feet are as clean as your face. Don’t compromise on their health and beauty. Moisturize them before sleeping and leaving home for office.
  • Wear very light perfume. Avoid wearing very spicy and loud perfume especially during the day. If you’re going to a discotheque or a night party, you can afford to wear a perfume that is little louder than the usual one.
  • Your dressing counts a lot. Avoid wearing jazzy clothes no matter where you’re going. Select proper colour combination and appropriate attire considering the occasion you’re attending. Be a little conservative in your dressing at workplace. It is unethical showing your cleavage, stomach or back at workplace.
  • Your hairstyle should be simple when you go to work. You can experiment with your hair when you’re at home or getting ready for attending a party, a function or social get together.
  • Give special attention to your foot ware. Heels work best at any formal occasion. Make sure that they are not jazzy and showy. Keep them simple, smart and comfortable.
  • Do not wear too much jewelry at work. You may experiment with heavy jewelry and mix and match colours when you’re off to a party or a get together.
  • Your personality doesn’t only include how you look. It also includes the way you speak, the way you carry yourself, the way you eat and the way you behave with people. All these things lay a great impact on people around you.
    Last but the most important; use a good mouth freshener and face wipe. Bad breath and dirty face and hands kill.
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